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Welcome to the Organization and Human Resources thematic team's collection

CEREFIGE's Organization and Human Resources (ORH) thematic team allows its members to exchange and share knowledge relating to the responsible and human management of organizations, their teams and the individuals who work there.

Environmental, social and economic crises are pushing market and non-market organizations to rethink the way they manage their human resources, their social relations, their links with other organizations and, more generally, their contribution to society and their environment. In this context, the members of the ORH team carry out research on the following topics in particular:

Research topics

  • Skills in intra and inter organizational dynamics
  • Organization and dynamics of social relations
  • Organizational behavior
  • Art and management in the context of sustainable development goals


  • Enrich the academic literature in the fields of Organization and Human Resources Management
  • Share experiences, methods and knowledge among team members
  • Contribute to the training of doctoral students
  • Participate in the popularization of knowledge created beyond the academic world

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