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Since January 1, 2024, UR 3452 CITHEFOR, headed by Prof. Caroline Gaucher, has 18 permanent staff, including 13 teaching researchers (including 6 HDRs and 2 clinicians), 1 surgeon, 4 research staff (1 technician, 1 assistant engineer, 1 engineer and 1 administrative staff) and 6 PhD students.

The CITHEFOR research unit focuses on the development of innovative drugs through the formulation of active pharmaceutical ingredients that modulate inflammation (anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, chemoattractants) and/or vasomotricity (RAAS modulators, NO donors) in order to improve their bioavailability (protection and crossing of physiological barriers) and/or to estore barrier and tissue functions. The main therapeutic applications are in chronic inflammatory and vascular pathologies (stroke, peripheral artery disease, ischemic cardiopathy), and tissue revascularization (wound healing, bone filling).

CITHEFOR ensures pharmaceutical quality control, in compliance with current regulatory standards, of the active pharmaceutical ingredients of plant or human origin evaluated. The release/bioavailability of active ingredients is optimized, depending on the route of administration and therefore the barrier to be crossed, using particulate formulations or biocompatible biomaterials approved by health authorities.

The regulation of tissue functions and the pharmacological effects of free or formulated actives, including the regeneration of barriers (intestine, lung and endothelium) and the regeneration of tissue functions (revascularization, vasomotricity) are assessed using cell-based barriers, 3D culture, isolated vessels and animal models. The many collaborations established by CITHEFOR mean that applications can also be extended to other therapeutic fields (Alzheimer's, etc.).

Key words: Active pharmaceutical ingredients, bioavailability, vascular pathologies, inflammation, barriers and tissue regeneration

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