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Research at ICN Business School

Since its creation in 1905, ICN Business School has developed a faculty of international stature, with a strong tradition of collaboration with the national and international scientific community.

Historically, ICN also marks its originality by its attachment to the University of Lorraine, with which it maintains close scientific relations.

At ICN, research is at the heart of our activities. It addresses important and difficult issues facing business and society, advances management practices and forms the basis for effective engagement with professionals.

Research also directly benefits our students, enabling them to receive high-quality education and to develop skills and competencies that are critical to their successful careers in an increasingly complex world.

CEREFIGE, a privileged partner laboratory

ICN Business School is both founder and partner of the University of Lorraine's research centre CEREFIGE (Centre Européen de Recherche en Économie Financière et en Gestion des Entreprises: ). The vast majority of the faculty is a member of CEREFIGE which is organised into thematic groups:

Finance-Accounting-Control; Innovations & Entrepreneurial Dynamics; Marketing; Organisations and Human Resources.

CEREFIGE has six priority research areas, two of which are under the responsibility of ICN researchers:

- Health & Care  

- Sustainable development and creativity

ICN researchers also maintain close links with three other research laboratories at the University of Lorraine:

- BETA- Bureau of Theoretical and Applied Economy

- LGIPM - Laboratory of Computer Engineering, Production and Maintenance.

- LORIA - Lorraine Laboratory for Research in Computer Science and its Applications









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