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The group Plasmas-Process-Surfaces (PPS) is interested in non-equilibrium low temperature plasmas together with their interaction with material surfaces. The scientific approach combines expertise in plasma diagnostics with competences in material science and engineering. Prime objective aims at investigating the interaction of the plasma with the surface for applications in various industrial domains like transport, energy, mechanics, and biomedical for instance.

The strategy consists in carrying out fundamental studies of the plasmas in order to describe and understand the mechanisms of functionalization of new alloys synthesis at the micro- or nanoscale.

The strength of the PPS group relies on the join expertise in both material science and plasma physics. A wide fleet of experimental rigs in plasma sources, plasma diagnostics tools, and surface characterization facilities benefits all the team members.

Leaning also on the common facilities available at IJL for material elaboration and characterization, the research activities are spread over two main topics closely linked by transverse skills in plasma diagnostics:

  • high pressure discharges, including atmospheric pressure plasmas and discharges in or in contact with liquids
  • plasma-assisted surface processing for transport and energy applications

The group develops and maintains collaborations with many academics and industrial partners in France and abroad.


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