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The activities of the Surface and Interface, Chemical Reactivity of Materials group focus on the study of the reactions affecting the surface of materials and on the development of innovative and controlled processes in order to provide solutions against corrosion.

The group specializes in the analysis of the corrosion behaviour and durability of metals and ceramics in various environments, especially in extreme conditions: high temperatures, aggressive chemical environments, thermal cycling conditions.

The research is carried out on the basis of thermodynamic modelling and a diversified range of instruments that enable the synthesis of solid materials or coatings (metallic alloys and ceramics). In this way, the characterization of the physicochemical properties (thermal, dilatometric, electrochemical) and the acquisition of the response of materials submitted to environmental stresses can be determined. This research aims on one hand to identify the influence of chemistry and microstructure on the oxidation and corrosion resistance, and on the other hand to functionalize the surfaces of metallic materials.

  • To limit the degradation of materials, three main methods are used, depending on the latitude offered by the application:
  • modification of the composition of materials
  • modification of the oxidizing nature of the environment (controlled atmosphere, reducing atmosphere, addition of a corrosion inhibitor)
  • modification of the surface by a conversion pre-treatment (anodizing, selective oxidation, etc.) or by a protective metal coating (thermochemical treatment, slurry)


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