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The Solidification group studies liquid-solid phase transformations to improve the quality of metallurgical products which are manufactured using a solidification process. Its research activity takes advantage of the close association between the study of the formation of structures and phases during solidification, and that of solidification processes. The research covers all the characteristic scales of solidification from the atomic one to the product.

One of the specific features of the group is its use of a complementary approach combining:

  • The development of model experiments that make it possible to overcome the difficulty of measurement and characterization in industrial processes that are often complex,
  • Skills in multiscale numerical modelling and simulation: at the scale of elementary physical mechanisms, at intermediate scales, and that of the process.

The group also develops oriented and fundamental research thanks to the elaboration of numerous solid and long-lasting relationships with industrial partners. These allow us to stay abreast of the demands for performance and quality of metallurgical products. This conception of research has enabled the group to obtain an industrial chair "Solidification" from 2020 onwards.

The Solidification group collaborates on this topic with other teams in the laboratory: Metallurgy and Surfaces; Surfaces and Interfaces, Chemical Reactivity of Materials; Process Metallurgy; Mechanics and Plasticity of Physics.

Since 2004, the group has worked in the framework of contracts with the European Space Agency (ESA) conducting micro and hyper-gravity experiments. Since 2018, it has coordinated an ESA thematic team dedicated to fusion applied to additive manufacturing.


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