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The DOLPHIN: Nano-Bio-Materials for Life group conducts its research activity in the field of controlled and secure development of new nanomaterials and/or biomaterials with controlled and controllable architecture and functionality for health applications (tissue engineering, medical devices, vectorization and delivery systems). The term "life" implies that applications in both nanomedicine and the environmental sector are targeted. Examples are systems for the purification of liquid effluents or filtration membranes.

The group collaborates with Prof. João F. Mano (Doctor Honoris Causa of UL 2019, Professor@lorraine, Gutenberg 2019 Chair in the group) and his Compass Group at the University of Aveiro. The aim is to use biomaterials and cells to make progress in transdisciplinary concepts for use in personalized, regenerative medicine. Biomimetic approaches combined with the development of nano/micro technologies for biomaterials and polymer-based surfaces are applied to develop medical or biomedical devices with improved structural and (multi) functional properties.

One of the objectives is to control the development of these new biomaterials (most often derived from agro-resources) that are functionalized (in volume or surface area) by controlling their multi-scale architectures. Thus, their structural and functional properties can be optimized.

The materials studied are biological materials, living materials, "industrial" materials, or materials developed for health and/or personalised medicinal applications, such as:

  • Hydrogels, films, fibres, nano/micro capsules, self-supporting membranes, 3D architectures for tissue engineering
  • Multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles and systems to deliver active ingredients
  • Prosthetic coatings
  • Customized medical devices
  • 3D organoids


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