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The main topic of the Micro and Nanosystems research group is the field of microsensors and other piezoelectric microdevices (actuators, energy harvesting, etc.).

Its expertise ranges from the development of piezoelectric materials (polymers, thin films) to devices, especially medical ones. The skills acquired pass via micro and nano-manufacturing techniques for the production of multifunctional microsensors/actuators. The group relies on theoretical approaches to reach the expected characteristics in accordance with the targeted applications.

The group’s recognition is reflected by numerous funded projects and international collaborations. These projects focus, inter alia, on the development of:

  • micro-sensors which are able to withstand extreme environments (thin-film alloys, self-protected structures),
  • a micro monitoring device for the ear surgery (vibration sensor based on piezoelectric polymer)
  • acoustic stimulators for mechanical-biological characterisation.

These achievements position the group at the forefront in the field of functional materials, micro-sensors and piezoelectric micro-devices.

The Micro and Nanosystems group develops and characterizes functional materials, in particular piezoelectric and thin-film materials, for the production of acoustic wave microdevices. It also structures those functional materials and integrates them into microdevices and systems, which intended to be promoted to industrial partners. The main application fields are the health, the industry 4.0, and the Structural Health Monitoring (SHM).


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