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New uses of land and the underlying rock, in particular through the exploitation of low emission hydrocarbons, sequestration of greenhouse gases and radioactive waste storage, and the increased use of biomass in a transition to renewable energy, are the major interests of DEEPSURF project. It will help to improve knowledge about complex environments and their interactions, from geological deep compartments to surface, and the critical zone that hosts life. It aims at tracking mass and heat transfers from deep to surface, the impact and associated risks on the ecosystem and the inhabitants. DEEPSURF is an interdisciplinary research project integrating all disciplines related to geosciences, environment, mathematics, human sciences.

The objectives are:

    - to propose technological solutions (sensors, software…),
    - to build and manage databases on matter transfer processes as well as to establish behavior laws to assess the consequences of these transfers,
    - to propose a decision aid method related to energy transition that can be transferred to other territories.


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