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The journal La Pensée d'Ailleurs follows on from a bulletin, Les Cahiers NeV, which reported on the research activity of the Normes & Valeurs (NeV) team of the Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Sciences de l'Éducation et de la Communication (LISEC / UR2310). The bulletin contributed to the connections between the researchers of the team and the visibility of their common work. Created in 2007 by Eirick Prairat, the NeV team's vocation is to publish works mainly in philosophy of éducation, history and anthropology of education and didactics. The setting up of the Cahiers NeV as a tool pointed out the dialogue and the common interests at work : attraction for philosophy, consideration of history, interest in the analysis of everyday realities, dissemination of didactic theory, importance of practice. This work materialized a singular conception of the sciences of education and training in the 21st century.


La Pensée d'Ailleurs so aims to think from underestimated and under-used references with interdisciplinarity. This explains the composition of the Scientific Committee, with researchers committed to the fields of educational sciences, the history of education and philosophy. We want to connect different spaces, conceptual networks, reasoning, references, writing modalities. The title is significant: it refers to an article by Jacques Rancière, "La pensée d'ailleurs", published in the review Critique in 1978. Rancière explained how the philosopher Michel Foucault had been an important author "by taking philosophy out of books and out of the philosophical institution". This journal aims to bring a new trace in sciences of education, in dialogues with humain sciences, by using references that are on the margins and far from the dominant norms. It thus seeks to think in an original way about education and training issues.