The LCAR (Laboratoire Collisions-Agrégats-Réactivité) is a laboratory centered in fundamental physics organized around two main fields

  1. The study of laser-matter interaction focuses on matter waves studies and strong-field physics
  2. The study of molecular structures and dynamics develops the study and measurement of the properties of clusters, molecules of biological interest, and nano-objects in their environment

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[hal-02475667] Some comments on the historical paper by H. Schmidt-Böcking “The Stern-Gerlach experiment re-examined by an experimenter” (EPN 50/3 pp. 15-19)  (13/02/2020)  
[hal-02474672] Solving the CH−4 Riddle: The Fundamental Role of Spin to Explain Metastable Anionic Methane  (12/02/2020)  
[hal-02385965] Shortcuts to adiabaticity: Concepts, methods, and applications  (10/01/2020)  
[hal-02375800] Thermal evaporation of pyrene clusters  (10/01/2020)  
[hal-01685236] Electronic field emission models beyond the Fowler-Nordheim one  (10/01/2020)