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The LGIPM (UR3096) aims to provide solutions to multidisciplinary problems raised by industry in the field of maintenance and reliability of systems, logistics, production and services. The research developed is based on common models and tools from mathematics, computer science and automation, and more specifically operational research for all teams in the two departments. LGIPM works in the fields of modeling and optimization around key themes: logistics, maintenance, air traffic, safe operation, learning and data mining, non-convex optimization and DC programming (Difference of Convex functions), graphs and logic. Since 1 January 2018, the arrival of new skills in optimization and operational research, learning and data mining and graph theory have confirmed the laboratory's specificity and reinforced its approaches through consistent formal tools.
The aim of the research in the laboratory is twofold: on the one hand, to give priority to fundamental research and, on the other hand, to take care of industrial applications.

The LGIPM is organized into five research teams, grouped into two departments. The first "Logistique & Maintenance" department is made up of 3 teams dealing with industrial management and logistics (GIL), production and maintenance management (MPM) and risk analysis for decision-making (RiAD). The second department "Informatique & Applications", composed of members from the LITA (Laboratoire d' Informatique Théorique et Appliquée), includes 2 teams around theoretical computing (GRAL) and decisional computing (OPTIMAL).


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