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Created on 01.01.2024, the research unit called "TETRAS" (formerly Laboratoire Lorrain de Sciences Sociales - 2L2S-Nancy) is a research laboratory of the Université de Lorraine - N°RNSR 202424514W - located in Nancy (Campus Lettres et Sciences Humaines).

It specializes in the study of the production and institution of the categories "employment", "age", "urban" and "gender" - categories that structure the political, economic and spatial organization of contemporary societies. Their (re)production is studied at various scales (from laws and public policies to in situ interactions), and the research unit is interested in both the social norms that accompany them and their effects in terms of inequalities and their possible overcoming (individual or collective resistance, forms of emancipation).

TETRAS combines expertise rooted mainly in sociology with skills in anthropology and economics. It conducts fundamental and interventional research in three thematic areas: TAGES (Health and the normalization of age and gender), TERVILLE (Urban attractiveness and sociospatial fragmentation), TRAME (Transformations in institutions, organizations and work mobilization regimes).


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