H. ,

, ClN 2 O 3 , M +? requires: 442.1084). The general procedure 3

, chlorophenyl)oxirane-2,2-dicarbonitrile (1b, 0.41 g) and 4methoxychalcone (2c, 0.48 g), gave a 79/21 mixture from which the preponderant diastereoisomer 3bc was isolated by chromatography over silica gel (eluent: CH 2 Cl 2 /petrol 70:30) in 45% yield. The minor diastereoisomer 3'bc was identified by selected NMR data: vivant: biologie, santé et agronomie) and Biogenouest (Western France life science and environment core facility network) for supporting KISSf screening facility, vol.3

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