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A. Decrease-in and . Cmax, 14%, respectively, and increase in SQV Cmax by +21%, but 18 APV&SQV decrease of SQV AUC by 19% and Cmin by 48%, 1998.

N. Nfv and S. , levels 3-fold or higher. Consider dosage of NFV 750 mg + SQV-S 800 mg 3x1d, or NFV 1250 mg + SQV-S 1200 mg 2x1d (under study) (6 th CROI, 1999.

R. and I. Auc, Compared with IDV alone, 400 mg of both drugs 2x1d leads to same IDV peak and higher trough levels and acts as true dual-PI combo. No reports of nephrolithiasis in this combination. IDV/RTV 23 IDV&RTV 800/100 mg or 800/200 mg 2x1d augments IDV to higher peak and trough levels without antiviral activity of RTV. No significant food effect on IDV absorption with either dose combination, 1999.

A. and N. Full, APV+NFV results in decrease in APV Cmax by -14%, but increase in AUC by +46% and Cmin by +235%. 26 &EFV No significant effect on NFV levels. The addition of EFV 600 mg qd resulted in same APV Cmax and AUC and mild reduction of Cmin by -14%, 2000.

I. Nfv, increases IOV lever by 51%; IOV does not affect NFV level. NFV 1250 mg with IOV 1200 mg 2x/d with a low-fat snack on empty stomach shows good drug levels and c1inical efficacy, 1999.

N. Lpvlrtv and &. Apv, 450-750 mg + LPV/RTV 2x1d leads to significant decrease of APV Cmin by 220-420% and trend to lower LPV 29 APV Cmin, compared with APV + RTV 100 mg or LPV/RTV alone (historical controls) Additional RTV 100 mg 2xld did not compensate for this interaction, 2001.

1. J. Efv and . Auc, no change in No change in EFV, 38% J. in rifabutin AUC, consider Î EFV No known interaction rifampin. Unclear significance, no dose change recommended, Iimited data. Q) rifabutin to 450-600 mg 1xld or 600 mg 3x1wk

R. No-kriown-interaction, 3. J. In, R. Auc, and 2. J. Cmax, 293% Î in rifabutin AUC. J.rifabutin to 150 mg qod if 80% J. in sav AUC and Cmax. dosed with RTV alone

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