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, I worry about what people will think about my eyes

, I feel that people are thinking about my eyes even when they do not say anything

, I feel uncomfortable when people are looking at me because of my eyes

, I wonder what people are thinking when they are looking at me because of my eyes. 5. People do not give me opportunities because of my eyes

, I am self-conscious about my eyes. 7. People avoid looking at me because of my eyes

, People react differently to me because of my eyes. 10. I find it hard to initiate contact with people I do not know because of my eyes. Function subscale 11. I cover or close one eye to see things better, I feel inferior to others because of my eyes. 9

, I avoid reading because of my eyes

, I stop doing things because my eyes make it difficult to concentrate

, I have problems with depth perception. 15. My eyes feel strained. 16. I have problems reading because of my eye condition

, I feel stressed because of my eyes. 18. I worry about my eyes. 19. I cannot enjoy my hobbies because of my eyes

, I need to take frequent breaks when reading because of my eyes

, Go Qol (developpe par Terwee et all)