, FeCl 4 ] seeds) was prohibited by sufficient dilution. The PPN + counterion is used for this example: a mixture of ferric chloride (32 mg, 0.20 mmol) and bis(triphenylphosphane)iminium chloride (115 mg, 0.20 mmol) was dissolved in deoxygenated methanol (20 mL). The solution was treated with gaseous NO at room temperature for 5 min, then kept at 5 °C. Small, air-stable, green crystals of pure PPN, Samples free of magnetically detectable ferric contaminations formed when rapid crystallisation (presumably starting from less soluble A

, Attempts to provide a facile route similar to that for the corresponding MNIC remains to be developed. The current status is as follows. In a Schlenk flask, a mixture of ferrous chloride tetrahydrate (119 mg, 0.60 mmol, 1 eq.) and tetramethylammonium fluoride (112 mg, 1.20 mmol, 2 eq.) was dissolved in deoxygenated methanol (3 mL) to a faint yellow solution (pH ? 3 -4). The solution was treated with gaseous NO at room temperature for 2-10 min and the solution turned brown immediately, PPN

, Hydrobromic acid (mass fraction w = 40%, 0.1 mL, 0.6 mmol) and degassed water (0.25 mL) were added. The clear brown solution of pH ? 2 was treated with gaseous NO at room temperature for 10 minutes. A mixture of green crystals as the major product and brown crystals as side product were obtained in the course of a month on keeping the solution at 5 °C. Crystallography Crystals were selected by using a Leica MZ6 polarisation microscope. Suitable crystals were measured with a Bruker D8 Venture diffractometer using Mo-K? irradiation (? = 0.71073 Å). Multi-scan absorption correction was applied. The structure solutions were carried out by direct methods using SHELXT. The structures were refined by full-matrix least-squares calculations on F 2 using SHELXL-2014. [46] Crystallographic data for the structures reported in this paper have been deposited with the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre as supplementary publication no. CCDC 1866190-1866202, A mixture of ferrous bromide (22 mg, 0.10 mmol) and bis(triphenylphosphane)iminium bromide (62 mg, 0.10 mmol) was dissolved in deoxygenated methanol (3 mL)

, Computation All calculations were performed with Orca in its versions 3 and 4. [47] Basis sets, mostly def2-TZVP, were used as implemented in Orca as well as dispersion corrections. [48] The polar or ionic environment of the anions of this work was modelled by a COSMO (Orca 3) or CPCM (Orca 4) approach

, 18-1), aimed at the "influence of local transport processes in chemical reactions in bubble flows

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