. Proof, We proceed by induction on ?. We sometimes expand the sets R and F as R = {v 1

?. .. Ca-w and . ??-ca, then some consequent of the ( k ) rule must occur in ? too j } such that [w] = [u i ], then by (repl), u i , {v 1 , . . . , v k }[w ? u i ], {u 1 , . . . , u j }[w ? u i ] Ca : k ? ?, and by (? F ) the branch would be closed The other case is that there is a v i such that, Therefore, to see M[+[v 1

. Assume-w,-{v-1, ?. Ca-w, ?. Ca, and . ??-ca, Let's analyze the situation of Looking at the consequents of the (¬¬ k ) rule, w¬¬ k cannot be in the branch, since by (? k ) the branch would be closed. So the only possibility is that w ? u i ? ? for some u i ? {u 1 , . . . , u j }. That means , [v k ]}, but that means that there is a v i ? {v 1 , . . . , v k } such that The last possibility is that, By (repl), v i , {v 1 , . . . , v k }[w ? v i ], {u 1 , . . . , u j }[w ? v i ] Ca :¬¬ k ? ? and by (? R ) the branch would be closed +[v k ], ?[u 1 ], . . . , ?[u j ]], [w] |= ¬¬ k

. Case-?:-=-r-?, R. Suppose-w, R. ?. Ca, F. ?. {w}, and . Ca, By rule ( r ), we know w

R. Ca-know-w,-r-?-{w} and F. ?. Ca, Observe that [w] is not in the current memory, we

. Proof, We proceed by induction on ?. The boolean cases (?) and (?) are dealt with in the standard way

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