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. Lot-li and . Jeh, :I. hfdi, p.48

K. .. Lm-wiin, MIIIg II1II 1

A. Géclii-hii, Iricrogl8llite B) GéclIi-hiI, roadcul C) Gécai-hil, hydroIhemJa! bnK:cia

E. Gécai, F. Géclii-hii,-pegmalile, G. Gécsi-iil-pegmatite2, H. !. Gécai, E. et al., Yo NoS section !) Gécai HI! qua"Yo Eastern waI J) Gécsi HI cpIIly

G. Inhomogeneously, Type IV/c. aqueous, halite containing secondary fluid inclusions with boiling texture. The phase ratio of the halite is 0.1, the liquid/vapor ratio varies between 0.3-1