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D. Und and . Fid, inherent of the GC set-up, depending on heart cutting and split between FID and MS. So combining (A-6.1) and (A-6.2) we can calculate a relative corrected response factor even if 1-undecene area is fully measured in DB-WAX FID but product i area is partially (but proportionally) measured on the FID from the HP-5MS column. (A-6.3) n° i /n° 1-Und = (? i / ? 1-Und )

. Benzene, 1-methyl-2-propynyl)- 29

. Naphthalene, -dihydro-4-methyl 33.45 Methyl catechol 33.5 Allyl phenol 33.59 Indanol 33