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7. Skewness-kurtosis and K. Prob, Sum Sum of Squares, p.78

7. Skewness-kurtosis and K. Prob, Sum Sum of Squares

. Maintenant-vous-pouvez-refermer-ce-manuscrit-et-reprendre-une-activité-normale-sur-un-petit-air-de-calypso-avec-un-des-maîtres-du-genre, Day-o, day-ay-ay-o Daylight come and me wan' go home Day-o, day-ay-ay-o Daylight come and me wan' go home Work all night on a drink of rum Daylight come and me wan' go home Stack banana till de morning come Daylight come and me wan' go home Day-o, day-ay-ay-o Daylight come and me wan' go home Day-o, day-ay-ay-o Daylight come and me wan' go home Come, Mister tally man, tally me banana Daylight come and me wan' go home Come, Mister tally man, tally me banana Daylight come and me wan' go home Day-o, day-ay-ay-o Daylight come and me wan' go home Day-o, day-ay-ay-o Daylight come and me wan' go home Lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch Daylight come and me wan' go home Lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch Daylight come and me wan' go home Beautiful bunch of ripe banana Daylight come and me wan' go home Hide the deadly black tarantula Daylight come and me wan' go home Lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch Daylight come and me wan' go home Six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch Daylight come and me wan' go home Day, me say day-ay-ay-o Daylight come and me wan' go home Day Daylight come and me wan' go home

H. Belafonte, Day-O (Banana Boat Song