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, tor j := I Io nbeSpeciauxJ Do Begin Read (ruttiEll, k).' hetttil := helltil + tkl End Ed

, Readtn (ruttiEll); leadtn (ruttiEfl)

, for i := t To nbrstagl 0o tor j := I Io nbrstagD Do lf lot (j tn hetttil) Ihen Read (ruttiEll, nbrlnitcett Ii

, Reôdtn (ruttiEI

, Readtn (ruttiEll

, For k := | To mâxData 0o Read (rultiEM

, Readtn (muttiE|l

, Readln (ruttiEfl

, For h := ksi To rau Do For i := 1 Io nbrStagT Do tor j := 1 Io nbrStagD Do tf xot (j In hetttil) Ihen Begin For k := 1 Io mâxDatô Do 8e9in Read (rxrttiEll. teûPo); kmth,i.j,kl := dose i tslpo End

, Readln (rultiEl{),' For k := ,| Io maxData Do Begin Read (ruttiEll, teilPo)

, kl := kmlh,i,j,kl + teflPo End; Readln (flrttiEH),' Readtn (ruttiEH) Erd; (de then) End

, Procedrîe lireER (Var ruttiER : fext; var terpslnitiat : Reat

, Var tenpsFinal : Reat)

, Eegin (tJrite ( rdans procech.tre t ireER 0K ?r ),' Readtn (fewert)

, Reset (mJttiER

, Readln (rultiER

, Readtn (ruttiEn

, Readtn (ruttiER, terystnitiat

, Readtn (m.rttiER

, Reâdtn (rultiER, tenpsFinal

, End