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The activity of the Chemistry and Electrochemistry of materials group is focused on the study and exploitation of the chemical and electrochemical reactivity of mineral materials. The approach which is used combines analytical studies of the behaviour of solutions or solids with characterization techniques.

The research topics are part of an approach linked to renewable energies and waste recovery. They are based on recognized skills (electroplating, electrochemical intercalation, electrolixiviation and hydrometallurgical treatments), whether in aqueous electrolyte or ionic liquid medium.

They can be divided into two main areas:

  • Electrochemical elaboration of films and one-dimensional nanostructures, and the study of microstructure relationships, low dimensionality and functional properties.
  • Research into electrochemical and chemical protocols for the material recovery of metalliferous by-products and end-of-life materials, in particular for the recovery of critical metals.

These activities are the subject of academic, institutional and industrial collaboration projects. They are also carried out in interaction with other groups in the laboratory, especially Functional Thin Films for Energy Applications, Materials for Civil Engineering, Surface and Interface, Chemical Reactivity of Materials.


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