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SINanO is a pluridisciplinary group (physics, chemistry and biology) dedicated to the study of functional nano-objects, with special emphasis on the physics and reactivity of their surfaces and interfaces, privileged locations for chemical exchanges, molecule binding or assembling.
Our objectives are the analysis of the formation mechanisms and atomic structure of functional nanostructures, the understanding of their interaction with their environment, the study of size effects and impact of surfaces/interfaces on their structural, mechanical, magnetic, optical or electronic properties.
Our approach relies on a strong coupling between experiments, theory and modeling. We also imagine new observation and modeling strategies to create nano-objects with optimized properties.

Our Research Topics

- Nanoparticles: formation mechanisms, size effects, properties.
- Interfaces: formation mechanisms and impact on the mechanical, magnetic, electronic and optical properties.
- Self-assembling and self-organization at surfaces. 
- Interaction between crystalline surfaces and their environment : functionalization and reactivity.